Celebrating our Local DC 2020 Marketo Champions

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In late January 2020, two of our very own DC MarTech members got big news. We have not one, but TWO local DC 2020 Marketo Champions in our midst!  This is an enormous accomplishment for our co-organizer Moni Oloyede and one of very first DC MarTech members, Helen Abramova.

Becoming a Marketo Champion is a Big Achievement

The field of Marketo Champion applicant is highly, highly competitive. And our two friends and members are among the class of only 40 Marketo Champions around the world.

For those unfamiliar with what it means to be a Marketo Champion, as the Marketo blog explains, they are an elite class of Marketo’s most ardent brand ambassadors who are Marketo Certified Experts (MCE). In addition, they actively share their knowledge and expertise with the Marketing Nation Community. Finally, Marketo Champions demonstrate superior leadership and are loyal advocates of the Marketo suite of marketing technologies.

To quote Kevin Lau, the Global Head of Customer Advocacy, Adobe Digital Experience – of Marketo’s parent company,

To be selected as a Marketo Champion is truly a career-defining accomplishment and one of the highest accolades a customer can achieve. Many have shared that being named a Champion has opened doors to new opportunities they never thought possible and helped increase their salaries by 3-4x.

Congratulations to our local DC 2020 Marketo Champions

Both of our local DC 2020 Marketo Champions are special to our community and great friends. Helen Abramova attended our 2nd DC Marketing Tech Talk when it was only a few people around a conference table in 2016. Since then, we’ve had to pleasure of growing together in our own marketing journeys. We’ve watched Helen become the Washington DC Marketo User Group Leader, win a Marketo Revvie Award in 2018, and now her 3rd Marketo Champion.

Our second and newest local DC 2020 Marketo Champion is our very own DC MarTech Talks co-organizer Moni Oloyede. Moni’s background in marketing technology is a story of breadth. There seriously isn’t a marketing technology platform that she cannot master. She’s also a Genius Campaigns 2019 Winner. In addition, she’s a sought-after speaker by many vendors and agencies. And Moni is well-known far and wide for her skill, talent, and attitude of getting things done – and getting those leads.

So with that, we salute our 2 outstanding local DC 2020 Marketo Champions and friends!

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